But Dr. I am too busy

Today in the office I had a very authentic conversation with a patient. I have made a very conscious effort to be more authentic, true, transparent and heartfelt in all my encounters.
Each day I wake up saying “ who can I serve today and today I choose to be ..the very best version of ME”.
To be authentic and the best version of me to this patient was to speak the truth. It involved a request to reduce care frequency due to “so much stress” in this person’s life.
I knew what I was going to say.
Honestly from one person who gets adjusted MORE during stressful periods, now would not be the time (even if I thought prudent) to decrease care frequency.
The patient needed to hear that.
I gave it an analogy: when you are pregnant NOW IS NOT the time to go on a diet.
I could have said many things to this patient, I could have honoured her request, I could have said “ sure”, I could have said a simple “ no not now”, I could have said
 “ Let’s wait until a progressive exam”…I could have said lots of things to this patient.
What I needed to say was now was not the time. We need to work together to support the body during times of stress and not break it down more. Understanding stress is a catch 22.
“ I am too busy” to come in…I offered a home visit though this patient lives 30 minutes from my house.

I know that coming from the heart was want was needed to be said in that instance.

Keep smiling
Dr. L
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