How can Chiropractic help me?">How can Chiropractic help

How can Chiropractic help me?

How can Chiropractic help me?

This is a question I get a lot. I sometimes get it in the most unusual times and places.

How can Chiropractic help you, London, ON

As we were traveling through Port Huron to the airport to fly to Atlanta for our weekend seminar ,we crossed the border by car at Port Huron. As everyone does when they cross they have their documentation all ready, music turned off, sunglasses off, and armed and ready with answers short and sweet.

As we drove up there were no cars a head of us…it must have been a slow day.

The border guards do look ominous and out to get the bad guys with interrogation!

The border guard was standing physically out of his booth, which, if you cross regularity you know usually they are inside their podium.

The natural questions ensued, where do we live, where are we going, how long are we gone etc. As he realized I was a chiropractor (I was the passenger not the driver), he began to ask questions.

Perhaps he was ensuring YES in deed I was a chiropractor? Who knows?

“ How long have you been a chiropractor”?

I told him 14 years.

“Why should I go to a chiropractor- don’t they just crack your back up and down and send you on your way”

It is typical to think this way and he had all the clichés of chiropractors and all the false thoughts and misinformation about the profession.

Again we are having this conversation at the border patrol station where one would think the need is to be short and sweet and concise.

As I began to tell him that Chiropractic is about assessing nerve function, correcting for any imbalances in nerve function that can be affecting over all health. I went on to tell him the nerve system in the system that controls everything else all healing, growth, repair, metabolism of every organ. Subluxation is stress on this system impairing its function to do the job. With less that optimal; nerve expression we have less than optimal health expression. Everyone should have their spine assessed for Subluxation.

His response was “ hmmmmm”

I took that as an opportunity to go on…so I did.

I informed him that a chiropractor adjusts subluxations to reconnect brain to body so there is greater life expression in the body and the nerve system is better able to perceive and adapt to life!

“You should go” – were my last words.

This encounter took about 7-10 minutes. Again when you are a border patrol you don’t expect to be there that long. It was so long that the driver of our vehicle put the car in park!

Perhaps it was a slow day at Port Huron crossing.

I took that as an opportunity to share the message of chiropractic, that everyone should have the status of his or her nerve system assessed. With me or anywhere …in Port Huron even.

Perhaps I should have given him my card and said, “ email me and I will find you a good local chiropractor to take care of you and your entire family”.

You never know where you may have the opportunity to share the message of healing, and health and chiropractic.

I take each and every one of these opportunities as they present themselves.

Keep smiling and stay healthy

Dr. Laura Gravelle Family Chiropractic








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