Regular chiropractic adjustments keep you healthy

We all MAY get sick.  The question is how long are we down and out for? Does a cold knock us out for 10 days? Does the MD tell us we need repeated rounds of antibiotics because “this is a strong bacteria?”…let us step back a minute.

girl sick in bed

It is an important distinction in Chiropractic health care – and this is what makes us separate and distinct from medicine- is that the resistance of the host (US) is more important than the strength of the pathogen.

Let me repeat that

“The resistance of the host (US) is more important than the strength of the pathogen”.

What this is saying is that how we, with continuous attention and action, build up our resistance and keep it at a high level…is what is important and makes the most sense.

The important factors are continuous attention and action. It is not just eating an apple once – and thinking we are healthy, or missing dessert once, or doing one workout at the gym?

BTW- Research tells us it is at least 150 minutes of exercise (in any intervals) a week that will add 7-9 years to your life (along with other health promoting behaviours… but since we were on the topic of exercise).

It would be silly to think that you can change or reverse years of neglect or damage by eating one organic meal. You have to flood the body, remove the negative toxins and replace cells and that takes time and attention. Once is a good start but maintaining that strategy or behaviour is what is essential.

So building up your resistance takes time as well.

It is a better long-term health strategy rather than “let us hope for the best”. Taking the Keith Richards approach to longevity is not a great long-term health strategy. Drinking and smoking your entire life may indeed lead SOME people to live long lives, but it is not a good over all strategy of health, would you say?

So lets step back…when is a good time to take a concerned and REAL look at your health and resistance? When it is low and you are in health crisis and you are panicking? No…

Sure at that point you will grasp for straws…maybe change some of your behaviours for a little while to get build healthy kidsyou out of that crisis. You may…get more rest (temporarily)…you may eat better (temporarily)…you may stop smoking (temporarily)…you may go to the gym (temporarily)…until the crisis passes and low and behold another crisis ensues….

We see this pattern a lot of new patients into the office. It seems this is the strategy that many people utilize in our society.

A better approach, I believe, would be to pay attention with action and consideration for your health and resistance from a young age.

If you are, say over 70 and just THEN begin to care for your health- great but time may not be on our side…see what I mean.

Better would be in a young age to instill or be instilled with positive health promoting behaviours or beliefs.

One includes regular chiropractic adjustments as this chart explains. Chiropractic adjustments allow greater expression of innate intelligence (inborn wisdom) of the body.

health chart

When you receive regular chiropractic adjustments, your life flow is maximal, as close to 100% as possible, you will be as healthy as possible, rarely sick, bounce back quickly, and have a high resistance to outside pathogens (bacteria, viruses, germs, invaders).

This means you are easily and effortlessly able to handle and deal with your environment. They do not negatively affect you. Your immune system in armed, ready and primed.

Primed means prepared. Just like priming a wall with PRIMER…there is an undercoat, there is a lower layer of protection and strength for times of insult. You don’t PRIME a wall after it is painted right…

This in contrast to someone who has never received a chiropractic adjustment. They have never been adjusted. They are most likely always sick, repeatedly sick, get knocked down easily and with everything that is going around, and have lowered resistance.

Those germs and invaders have easier access, as the wall of protection is lowered.

Where do you and your family want to be on this chart?

Is NOW a good time to instill positive health strategies and move health in a positive direction?paint

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Keep smiling, get healthy and stay healthy

Dr. Laura

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