Chiropractic Care Plans

As a chiropractor who completely understands that healing takes time, one adjustment is not going to correct a problem that has potentially been there for decades. That is like going to an orthodontist and asking for all your teeth to be fixed, corrected, braced and straightened in one visit.

It would be incongruent to suggest anything less than I would suggest for my own family.

This is why “care plans” are suggested to patients in our office. Care plans are there for a few reasons.  We help see their health long term…longer in terms than next week.  Our patients understand the problem has been there potentially for a long time, it is going to take TIME to correct.

Instead of surprising patients with changes in frequency ,or the guessing game, we lay it out at the start or at least our best suggestion if things move according to plan. If you are changing, or not changing the care week by week, it leaves the patient not knowing where we are. A plan is there as a guide, journey and road map.


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It is so much easier to get to where you are going when you have a plan or a GPS, wouldn’t you say. Blindly going along, not knowing when or where to turn, is not the best strategy.

I also love care plans because it is what I practice myself and for my family. I want nothing less for my patients than what I do for my family. I walk the talk and practice what I do.

Offering less to the patients, just because I think they might not accept it, is cheating them out of knowing the truth.

Care plans may not be for everyone.

Some people may have a concern with them.

In our office you can absolutely pay per visit ( or for the week at a time).  However we work with patients who want to see long-term changes in their health, want to invest in their health and see the value of a plan. A quick fix, one adjustment, and crack here chiropractor I AM NOT. I will happily refer to another chiropractor whom has a vision like that. I am not that. I will not sacrifice or compromise what I understand to be the true, full and long term benefit of a healthy nerve system to have a patient come to our office for one or two visits only.

How patients proceed with their care and their health is up to them. We do not accept every patient into our office. Some patients are simply not a good fit for our office. We have four requirements to be a patient in our office.

  1. You have a spine
  2. You have the understanding and appreciation of the infinite ability of the body to heal and express health
  3. You want to get well
  4. You appreciate the aspect of time in healing

Care plans work and is in the best interest of the patient.  These plans may be 3 months, 6 months or a year. The vision and certainty of the chiropractor are conveyed in the care plan.

I think it is foolish and negligent to talk about long term care and health changes to patients…and then talk about a care plan in terms of 2 weeks to a patient. This is incongruent and sends mixed messages to patients.

Long-term care plans get patients interested and excited about seeing changes with their health. Together we can set goals and see them manifest..over TIME

It works.

Just recently I had a patient, at a progress assessment, say that he had been to a different chiropractor prior to myself. One with whom he didn’t have the results he wanted to have. This chiropractor didn’t sketch out a road map to health for him. Not surprisingly he didn’t have IMG_3890 startthe changes that he desired. He even said to me “Dr. Laura, this way, your way, is so much better. You sketched it out at the start; this is where we start and where we are going to, and how we’re going to get there, with bench marks along the way. It makes sense to me and my health is changing because of it”.


Of course people can think negatively of care plans but you know plain and simple they work. Anything less is a Band-Aid type chiropractic care, temporarily patching the problem, not correcting the issue and connecting continuously to the power within.

Stay healthy and happy,

Dr. Laura

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