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Above is a link to download our brief discovery call questions.  Please take a moment to fill it out, send back by email and we will do the rest!

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Your First Visit

Upon arrival, you will be asked for your completed health history form for yourself, or your child (these can be found under ONLINE FORMS below) prior to your personal examination.
Please allow 30 minutes for this visit.

Adult FormChild Form

The exam may include:

Initial Chiropractic Consultation and Health History You will speak to the doctor so we, together, can better understand your case, history, stress and concern. Examination of Spine
  1. A complete orthopaedic and neurological examination of the spine.
  2. A high-tech computerized neurological test.
  3. X-ray, if needed.

Follow Up Visit

Once the doctor has had a chance to sit down and study your test results, she will have you back for your “Report of Findings Results Visit”.  During this visit you will receive a detailed description of your current health situation, how you scored on the stress test, X-Ray findings and areas of concern.  If after going over the findings you decide that you would like to begin care, you will receive your first adjustment on this visit. Please budget 15 minutes for this appointment. It is at this point that the doctor will give you more details about your case, what can be done to correct it, how long it will take, and how much it would cost. We answer all of your questions before starting your chiropractic adjustment schedule.
Laura Gravelle, Gravelle Chiropractic Clinic
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