Cleanse your house…

Here we are a new year! 2014. How about your body? how does it feel after eating rich, heavy and multiple treats and sweets. Is it time for a change, clean the slate so to say?

When we really understand we are what we eat. Our body literally transforms the food we eat into new cells one-by one. Old cells die, new ones replaced at a very fast rate. Faster than we can comprehend actually…we need to eat, but we also need to understand how to eat and what to eat.

When we eat dead, processed and refined foods, that is what our body has as its starting blocks to make new cells. That picture isn’t a great one. When we change the picture to putting live, vibrant, colourful ( nothing in a box!) into our body, the pool to draw on to make new cells changes. Wow that sets a different stage…the opportunity for a different outcome arises.

When we appreciate everything we put into our mouths either supports our body, or the opposite, we become very aware of the fact that ” we are what we eat”.

Where do we start? What changes to make…can be daunting right? WRONG

A great resource for ” cleaning house” with a  cleanse is  Vanessa Case RHN.She has a wonderful detox holiday cleanse

…Root to Reboot….

Vanessa is very experienced and knowledgeable….

I know first hand that over indulging and feeling the bulge, tired, lethargic, brain fog….all can be attributed to eating over the holidays.

I am happy to say i need help and also happy to say I know some about nutrition but love to suggest experts who know more than I.

Happy cleaning!!

Dr. L
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