Coherence, Mind, Body and YOU…

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Did you know our thoughts, attitudes and emotions emit energetic fields, creating field environments that affect our perspective, relationships and others’ environments?

The good news is we can positively change our individual and social field environments with attitudes of genuine love, appreciation, care and compassion, which moves us into coherence.

Coherence is a highly efficient state in which all of the body’s systems work together in harmony. Increasing personal coherence creates an alignment of mind, body, emotions and spirit through the power of the heart.

The field generated by the heart is called the electromagnetic field. It is the most powerful rhythmic energy field produced by the body as it becomes more organized during positive emotional – heart-coherent – states. So it’s within all of our power to create the field environment we desire.

Studies conducted in HMI’s laboratory have shown that the heart’s electromagnetic field can be detected by other individuals and can produce measurable effects in a person several feet away.


Set your Intention

In any situation, whether you’re alone with your thoughts, at a family gathering or present with coworkers, you may wish to say this to yourself: My intention is to feed the field environment with sincere love, care, compassion and appreciation.


Prep Your Field Environment

Here is an effective way to begin your day and help create a more pleasant field environment. Before meetings, interactions or communications with others, try this simple technique. It will help smooth out your day and reduce stress build-up.


Prep Tool

  • Take a few minutes to quiet yourself and become centered in your heart.
  • See and feel yourself maintaining balance in your meetings, communications and interactions with people.
  • Ask your heart intelligence to cue you up if you start slipping into judgments, excessive drama or resignation. If you do, see yourself shifting back into your heart and reset, taking care not to judge yourself.
  • Send love and positive energy to all your possible interactions before going to them. Remember, even when you prep, they still may go sideways because of others’ attitudes. You still should continue to send out positive energy, because it will benefit your system and increase the ratio of positive outcomes in situations.


Did you know in our office Gravelle Family Chiropractic and Wellness, we positively affect the “coherence“ of the body. There are many ways we can help all the systems of the body effectively work as a well oiled machine.

  1. Chiropractic care. Science tells us as we positively impact the brain towards more of a healing state the reset of the body will reorganize to a higher level. That is healing.

I would like an initial chiropractic assessment

  1. HRV training. In the office we offer practicing on our biofeedback heart rate variability machine. The better your response to stress can be the better you will be. Biofeedback means you instantly get feedback as to your stress response and how to effectively manage and CHANGE it!! That is training to reset the default pattern of long engrained stress responses.

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  1. Training your brain for MORE. That means learning techniques to say no to stress and repattern the brain to deal better when stress does come up. We have created a 7 days to a better brain course that does just that. You will learn strategies in 7 days to recognise stress, effectively manage AND create a NEW way of being.

I want the 7 days to a better brain course.


Coherence is a state of MIND and BEING.

Be more today


Dr. L





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