I decided.
I decided from this day forward I will be happy. I decided to find joy in each and every day. I started this on August 6th 2014.
There was a “ challenge” going around social media. It was something like this- be happy and grateful for the 5 next days, each day find 3 things to be grateful for and nominate 3 people each day to play, do the same, and pass it along.
I watched as people were nominated and like broken telephone the instructions got lost. I watched and the game now became 5 things each day for 5 days and no people were nominated.
I played. I nominated. I thought hmmmm
So after 5 days what next.
I decided to be happy and extend the game- and invite those around me – to play for 365. That is for the next year be thankful for something each and everyday. Write it down, mark it and #gr8tful365…and watch your life transform.
I know what you think about and thank about you bring about. I know that authentically and purposefully being thankful for something each and every day will transform my life and the lives of those around me.
What we put out into the world we get back, and what we put out to the world, we unconsciously let other lights shine.
I am excited to see where this will lead, how my life has already transformed even in 16/365.

Who wants to play…

Dr. L:)
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