Innate Intelligence – The Dr. Within

This is the wisdom within the body – we all have it.  We have always had it. It has been present in our body since conception.

Innate intelligence doesn’t just kick on at 30. It drives your being from the day you were created in utero.

Innate intellinnate inteligence is the expression of life over our nerves to our tissue cells. This innate (or inborn wisdom ) heals cuts, grows a baby, grows our hair, nails, creates new liver cells, creates new lining for our stomach on a daily basis. It is always prefect and always drives the body forward towards health.

This wisdom knows more about how the body is meant to work, more so than our educated mind. When it is expressed fully, or allowed to communicate with the body fully, our function is best. Our body has the BEST chance at full life expression.

The wisdom that drives the body supports it at all levels.

InterferenzInterference in the expression of innate intelligence is subluxation. This dulls down out expression of wisdom. This means the regulating ability of the body, the inner controlled is lowered. We are regulated with less precision; we heal at a lowered rate.  All of our controls are affected.  Our physical and psych-emotional levels are affected. We may elicit symptoms or NOT.

If you or anyone, is walking around subluxated you are expressing less LIFE.

Life heals.

There is nothing greater than life.

A chiropractic adjustment removes the interference to the expression of innate intelligence. Our bulb burns brighter. Our control and expression of LIFE is closer to 100%.

13410632_101542767951That is pure chiropractic!

In our office, when families join our practice we hand out a sheet very similar to this blog outlining and defining the terms we use in our office. To familiarize everyone on the same page and reinforce the terms we will be using.

Welcome to the land of chiropractic.

Stay happy and well,

Dr. Laura

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