chiropractic alternative to medicating kids

The chiropractic alternative to medicating our kids

The US FDA has just approved the use of Oxycontin for kids as young as 11

If that doesn’t scare you it should

As a Chiropractor I am very concerned with pharmaceutical use in patients. It is my hope that patients take as little as needed and we empty the medicine cabinets.

It is extremely troublesome to me when we see the prescription rates for children escalate. We see children on multiple medications, medications of lifestyle and depression medications to list a few.

What is more alarming is prescribing children narcotics.

Yes you heard me right.

The US FDA has just approved Oxycontin use for children as young as 11.


If that doesn’t scare you it should. Here is some information on Oxycontin:

OxyContin (“Oxy” or “OC” on the street) is a time-released pain medication. It was developed in 1995 for people needing around-the-clock pain relief, so they don’t have to take pills as often. OxyContin contains oxycodone, which is an opioid drug, like morphine, codeine, heroin and methadone. It is referred to as cheap mans heroin.

Oxycodone is the same opioid that’s in Percocet, Oxycocet and Endocet.

Problems with Oxycontin:

  • Signs of overdose include difficult or slow breathing, and extreme sleepiness. The risk of overdose increases if you take OxyContin with other opioids, alcohol or tranquillizers. An overdose of OxyContin can lead to brain damage or death.
  • The reliance on this drug is very easy. It can become your life and withdrawal symptoms without the drug, cause you to want to get more. Long-term financial problems, life, marriage and relationship issues can occur. 2.1 million Americans are currently struggling with an addiction to prescription painkillers. Abusing this class of drugs is often a precursor to heroin addiction. This should scare us. In the hands of children this number will surely grow.
  • Side effects. Apart from withdrawal sickness, taking OxyContin can have side-effects such as constipation, sexual problems, swelling, nausea, sweating, itching and sleepiness. It is known that physicians have had to rely on safety and efficacy data from studies of the drug in adults, and it was uncertain if this data is an accurate predictor of the effects the drug may have on children. They simply don’t know how children will react. Are you kidding me…oxy-effects


How can we willingly and knowingly and “legally” give this drug to children? How are we to assume children have the wherewithal to deal with this in their body. It is a very slippery slope and should NOT be allowed at all.

Stay healthy and drug free,

Dr. Laura

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