Dr. Laura Gravelle

Dr. Laura Gravelle, Chiropractor

Chiropractic Background

Dr .Laura graduated from Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College ( CMCC) in 2003. This was after her four years at McMaster University in Hamilton. For two years, Dr. Laura was the onsite Chiropractor for the Radisson Hotel in East Toronto before moving to London and associating with another Chiropractor, until opening her own practice in 2008.

Dr. Laura continues to grow by attending professional development seminars 3-6 times a year. Dr. Laura has a special interest in helping families, infants and children express their maximal health. Dr. Laura is also interested in helping athletes maximize performance.

Dr. Laura uses both Diversified (hands on) and Activator (instrument) techniques which are both gentle and effective. She also has training in upper cervical specific care which is whole body restoration.

Dr. Laura realizes that the human body has an amazing ability to heal itself given the right conditions. The brain sends “life” messages (or nerve impulse) to every cell, tissue and organ in the body. Her goal is that every person get connected to this life force, stay connected to this power, so they can adapt and express to life at the highest level.

Published Author

In 2016 Dr. Laura and 50 other chiropractors collaborated to write a book “The Art of Being Healthy”. This is a book on the real life accounts of mothers and children healing through Chiropractic. Dr. Laura‘s daughter Lucy, experienced remarkable healing through chiropractic adjustments. Lucy was born 5 weeks early experiencing birth trauma. Chiropractic care was delivered in the hospital in front of the NICU staff. These adjustments allowed Lucy’s body to heal, grow and restore. Dr. Laura contributed this story to the book entitling the story ” Watching, Waiting and Wondering”.


On A Personal Note


“Faith, family and chiropractic are what makes me who I am. I’ve been married to my husband, David, since April of 2007. We live in London and have four beautiful children- three sons and a daughter.

I have a passion for nature, meditation and country music. I love to keep my life centered by having a morning ritual of exercise, breathing, affirmations and journaling. We are a baseball family and it is a huge part of our life. We are always outside with the kids throwing, hitting balls and running bases. Teaching our kids positive health strategies at a young age is very important. I also enjoy fishing and reading.”

… Dr. Laura Gravelle