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I will giveneck co- credit to the majority of this article from The Chiropractic Advocate and Dr. Dan Sullivan who is  a leader in our field on most updated research in ChiropracticIMG_7530-207x300

Often patients seek out Chiropractic care initially for pain relief. Often people may not know the value of chiropractic care for children. This blog will address both the issues.

  1. Chiropractic for cases without the symptom of pain
  2. Chiropractic care for children with underlying spinal changes.

When we look at the health of our kids we should be concerned if we are not already.

A recent study in 2015 presented findings that show just how prevalent Abnormal spinal health is to the average person without the necessity of pain or symptoms.

It is clearly documented and proven that spinal movement directly feeds the brain and correlates with healing, growth and repair. In essence, the way in which your spine moves, or doesn’t move, directly relates to your (or your kids) health.

In my opinion, this study clearly shines light on the myth that Chiropractic is mostly only valuable for pain. We know that abnormal spinal biomechanics, labeled subluxation by Chiropractors, can be present in the absence of symptoms. The facts simply show that serious spinal degeneration can be present with no symptoms.

Some of the important findings in the study are as follows:

Asymptomatic- means NO symptoms. When you place an “a” in front of anything medical it means “no”.

  • neck 2 37% of asymptomatic 20 year-olds have disc degeneration. 96% of asymptomatic 80 year-olds have it. –that means many people at any age have disc degeneration (lessening space between vertebrae occur ring and don’t even know it.
  • 30% of asymptomatic 20 year-olds have bulging discs. 84% of asymptomatic 80 year-olds have it. – again that means people at any age can have disc bulges walking around and not know it.
  • 29% of asymptomatic 20 year-olds have disc protrusion (a kind of herniated disc). 40% of asymptomatic 80 year-olds have it. – again people at any age can have herniation and not know it.
  • 19% of asymptomatic 20 year-olds have annular fissure (a tear in the tissue filling intervertebral space). 29% of asymptomatic 80 year-olds have it. – again people at any age can have tears in the disc and not know it.

This lays a foundation for helping validate the necessity that all infants, children, and adults be checked for subluxation on a regular basis to prevent abnormal spinal biomechanics. Which we know has significant neurological implications!

In our office we concern ourselves with the upper cervical spine and through x-ray reading and measuring we analyze the exact location and direction of the bones away from normal.

This gives us indication of pressure on the cord within the bones, located at the top of the spine.

X-ray is a great and valid tool chiropractors utilize to exactly understand the listing a person has and which adjustment technique or protocol is best for them to restore their nerve system towards ease.

American Journal of Neuroradiology 2015 Apr;36(4):811-6

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