Our Healing Bell

Our Healing Bell

Our office is unique. We offer help and hope and encouragement.

It is a safe place for healing and expression. From the moment you enter our office you will feel welcome, at ease and relaxed. We do not wear white coats.

We even have a healing bell.

It can be rung for a healing experience, for fun, or by children (which is often the case).  Mom and dad lift children up and…there goes the chiming of the bell.

We have it up high for a specific reason and it is just that, that children can’t continuously ring it. lol

Yesterday it was rung for a special, yet seemingly ordinary reason. Our long time friend and patient entered. She has been away on a holiday on the East Coast, missing us, missing her adjustments. She was travelling,  then our office was closed for a holiday, so she was overdue for her appointment. She was doing a lot of driving, walking, climbing and sightseeing.

As she entered, with the waiting room full of patients, she confidently went over to  the bell and rang the bell with all her might and said,

“ I am just soo happy to be here!”

..she was looking forward to this part of her day!

SO, today, go out and ring your healing bell for no reason at all.

Keep smiling,

Dr. Laura

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