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This FREE 30 Day Stress challenge is a personal evaluation of the ways we as individuals process and manage stress in our lives.


The goal of this worksheet is to become aware, attentive and conscious of our behaviours.

Our behaviours drive our results. When we change behaviours and beliefs we will change the outcomes we see.

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Are you ready to host a Comprehensive, Fun and Exciting Event to grow your Chiropractic Family?

Dinner’s Ready Is For You! What Are You Waiting For …

Dinner’s Ready is for you!

We all want to help more people right…yes I know!

I have been there. It can be scary to get out into your community, put yourself out there, daunting to create an event because then we do what….we freeze…we do nothing…we don’t start because it is too confusing and overwhelming.

We don’t know where to start, who to ask for help, how to create all the pieces, how to put it all together…..The project seems ” like a good idea” but it gets put on the shelf. We do nothing with it. We may chip away at it but we never pull the trigger and execute. Why??



Not knowing were to start


Loss of interest




Lack of resources ( creative or otherwise)


Dr. Laura has taken that ALL AWAY!

Are you a :


New Grad wanting to get out into the community and don’t know where to start?


Seasoned chiropractor wanting to do something new and HIP?


Any Chiropractor wanting to implement a done for you system?


Dinner’s Ready is for you!

What is Dinner’s Ready?

  • Done for you marketing plan 6-8 weeks prior to the event,  up to and including Day of the event
  • A system that is easy to follow and simple to execute
  • Professionally done posters and slide show ( print and social media)
  • Scripts for every slide effectively communicating chiropractic in easy to understand language ( K.I.S.S)
  • Relevancy of communication pieces in today’s world
  • Templates of e-blasts, posts, emails
  • What conversations to have with your community, patients, referral hubs to encourage attendance ( get bums in seats) with confidence
  • How and where to promote this event
  • Where to host and why.
  • Sign up sheets for in office attendees


IF that is not enough…

The Entire Package is CUSTOMIZED


It is all branded for YOUR clinic. 


Yes that is right! 

YOUR Clinic


and then….you also receive: BONUS……..

The effective strategies to welcome new patients into your chiropractic family !!!

Your goal is to get people excited about their health and what chiropractic care can offer in their lives.

Hope, Help, Health

Our graphic team will masterfully insert your logo and clinic details to make all the marketing material and slide show SHINE with your branding!!

People have been asking for this and now it is available to you.


Dr. Laura has done  ALL the leg work what are you waiting for… our team has been hard at work beautifully creating this system.

Dinner’s Ready is for you!

Why do you want this?

  •  Takes the stress and energy out of the creative process
  • Dr. Laura has done the work you simply execute 
  • You are BUSY….this frees up time from your already full schedule 
  • Rinse and repeat for years to come ( you simply change the date, time, location )
  • Enhances your confidence and communication skills
  • Fosters excitement in yourself and team – once you have this people will want to come.
  • Immediate implementation ( not months from now if you do it on your own)


What are you waiting for? 

Introductory price is $1297 Canadian  (Plus tax)

Need to know More? Email me today with Dinner’s Ready in the subject line and lets get talking!