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Today is the day! It was a great surprise to receive my copies of “The Art Of Being Healthy” upon arriving home from our family March Break trip to Florida!

published authorThis book has been in the planning and creation for over one year. When my colleague, mentor and friend Dr. Gilles Lamarche announced he was looking for stories on healing of children of all ages and mothers through Chiropractic, I knew I had to act. This book is a compilation of real life stories of children through the ages from conception, birth, infancy, toddler and teen and their healing experiences through Chiropractic.  It follows the model of “Chicken Soup For The Soul” books. These stories are all written by Chiropractors. The list of contributing authors is impressive company to keep. There are more than 50 of us throughout this book.

I will read and re-read this book cover to cover and I hope you do to. It is an education tool in our office to share the impact of Chiropractic.  How it can save, change and transform lives.

When you read these stories of healing you will understand the immense gratitude I have in my life for Chiropractic.

Just to list a few of the titles of the stories to give you a flavour of what you have in store when you read it:

  • What Pregnancy Should Be Like
  • Lessening Birth Trauma
  • The Value of Prenatal Care
  • From Starving to Well-Fed
  • Revived Hope
  • The Importance Of Proper Nerve Supply For Latching
  • How Damaging is Bed Wetting
  • Devastating Migraines
  • Asthma Relief
  • We Vote No Shot
  • A Classic Case Of Tourette’s
  • Concentration, Emotion and Behaviour
  • Erb’s Palsy
  • Color My World With Hope
  • Watching Waiting Wondering

The last entry above is my contribution to this amazing book. It is on page 89. It is the story of our daughter Lucy’s challenges as a premature baby, and what an upper cervical adjustment did for her.

This book might challenge some of your beliefs. You might find yourself questioning what you have heard about Chiropractic. But know this: in the twenty-first century, more people are recognizing that symptoms are the body’s way of telling you something is wrong- and more people are depending on their innate, natural healing that is everyone’s – instead of putting their trust in a health care system that chooses to mask symptoms instead of fixing the problems.

I invite you to be committed to discovering the root cause of what ails you and your children.

Your life depends on it.

These are available for purchase in my office for $20.00.

In health and happiness,
Dr. Laura

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