School Days or School DAZE

School Days or School DAZE…

We have the technology! The technology that our office has is used to detect hidden nerve tension and improper spinal reactions.

The insight subluxation station report illustrates the stress response of the underlying nerves.  It shows us if it is a heightened response? In fight or flight? and demonstrated by a sympathetic overloaded system?

You tell me.



Lets think about our kids. How stressed are they and what is the result? How does stress affect them outwardly or inwardly? Lets examine stress kids can feel:


-Over scheduled

-Activity to activity each evening

-Pressure to do well

-Stress over new school

-New friendships, old friendships lost

-Routines and expectations

-Bedtimes over extended

-Family, friends

-Timeline pressure

-Hurriedness of life

-Sport accidents and incidents



When our bodies (and kids bodies) are in a stressed out state, our sympathetic system is in overdrive.  Basically cortisol is flooding the body. It is driven out and into all our cells. Prolonged secretion of cortisol is disadvantageous – it stresses out and shuts down the immune system, digestion system, reproductive system, pancreases and sugar-handling ability becomes compromised. Just to name a few.

How does this translate into the picture of health we see in both our kids and ourselves?

Stress = sickness and a stressed out body results.

-Shutting down immune system- the fall COUGH that many kids have chronically in the fall if not all school year…you know what I mean if you have children in school

-Digestion challenges- evident by constipation, heart burn or sore tummies

-Reproductive challenges- at a younger and younger ages

-Pancreas/ insulin challenges- weight gains easily


If we as parents are stressed out, this translates and transfers to out kids. They see it and feel it.

We have the ability to ‘look inside’, evaluate, measure, re measure the stress seen under the surface on the nerves.

Adjustments are known to take the body out of fight or flight into parasympathetic overdrive. Literally re wiring the way the body and nervous system perceive and interpret stress. Healing, growth, repair, metabolism and the shift are seen at a higher level.

kids-3Well-adjusted kids have:

  1. Better attitudes
  2. Healthier postures
  3. Higher grades
  4. Stronger immune systems


We love to get parents excited about improving children’s health.

So- let’s together have positive school days not crazy school DAZE.

Quickly we can get to the root of the problem and make changes moving forward.

We can HELP. Let’s take a look inside.

IF you are serious and committed to making a change we are here…is TODAY THE DAY?

Call the office , Reference “insight please” and save 15% off an initial complete consultation. 519.433.9222


Keep smiling,

Dr. Laura


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