Sustain a state of ease in a stressful world

Finding balance in our health and wellbeing seems like a constant balancing act at times! We are much more aware, than previous generations, which has been for many a great improvement to their health, and health care choices they may now make. Many are choosing non-traditional health care regimes in order to be optimally healthy. We make choices every day/week/month that greatly impact our wellbeing. As we become more in tune, we can see there are many pieces to the wellness puzzle, and if not in balance and in tune with oneself it can add more stress to our overly stressful lives.

When we look at our health as a whole, we think of many aspects, but I am sure thinking about your nervous system, is long down many people’s lists. Our nervous system is programed and layered by the way we treat, feed and maintain it. As time goes on we keep layering our nervous system, and it becomes patterned for stress which dims our overall healing potential.

The nerve systems job is to keep you upright against gravity, interact and adapt you to the outside world and maintain your inner physiology, chemistry and over all healing. No small job! When its threshold is lowered our potential for healing is lowered. The load of life becomes too much and we can only handle very little.

When we are constantly under stress, every single day living in a world of negative emotions and self-talk, compromised food choices built around a busy schedule, add to that  fears, failures, family and finances… it can become difficult to manage anything well.

These all become layers of film on your nerve system “glasses”. These “glasses” are the lens through which you then view and adapt to your world.

Your nerve system can either be stressed out or at rest, relax and restore. It can only be in one of two states at one time.

When your nervous system is in a state of “survival” mode, or stressed out, your whole body follows suit producing more cortisol into your body, and your body responds with the “fight or flight” due to our nervous system no longer functioning as a whole.

If our bodies are not functioning as a whole, then that is a definitely a jagged piece of the health puzzle. One that does not fit together.

Imagine if you look at your spine as a “jenga tower” with a brain on the top. When you start pulling pieces out, the tower doesn’t break right away in most cases, but the tower has to adapt or change to compensate and the “tower” gets weaker. Imagine how the brain would be in this distressed and vulnerable state? Your spine is not only muscles and bones, but also have nerves, and connects you to who you are and what matters most to you.

Each and every time you receive a chiropractic adjustment, you are immediately bringing ease and harmony in your body creating “rest and digest’, however this is instantaneous, it does takes repetition and positive self-care in order to maintain the “rest and digest” state, and to make this the new pattern for your nervous system.

An adjustment is a “rest and reset” to help you deal with the load of life and once again return into the “heal, rest, restore phase”. When the body learns to stay in the healing state it is easier to get back there, and an adjustment is a neural reinforcement switch.

The state of “ease” (where your body works coherently with all the parts) can be maintained with time, repetition and momentum, by following a care plan set out by your chiropractor. When we reach this place, we can live to our full potential. This is the sustained “long game” benefit of chiropractic.

Chiropractic is part of the wellness puzzle. As well as drinking plenty of water, being mindful of nutrition, practicing mindful breathing and meditation techniques to improve your HRV, as well as good sleep hygiene, and many other personal choices for health are key pieces to the puzzle. The “rest and digest” state enables you to live your full life potential! Resulting in your brain being “bright to the world”, and finding the balance.


Say yes to “rest and digest”.

See your chiropractor today.


Dr. L

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