The Brain

We live in a world that rapidly connects to our fast moving environment. Our senses are bombarded with information at a rate of 2000 bits of information a second. That is a constant waterfall of information to process, analyze and “get it right”.

The brain, through the senses, takes in the data and assesses and adapts… and repeat… assess and adapts all day long. The eyes are the window to the soul. We have all heard that saying. It is true. We view the world as we see it, as it is, how we interpret it and how we have interpreted it in the past.

Old patterning can hinder our interpretation of data. If in the past we saw a bed of roses, and it hurt us. We were running from danger through this bed of roses, we then go through our life interpreting roses as bad. Next time we see roses… boom… we interpret and go into survival mode.

We don’t view the roses for what they are. Red. Beautiful. Fragrant. We interpret them as scary and something to avoid at all cost. One person can view the same event, through different lenses, very differently.

Our brain is always going on the past experiences and projecting or preventing based on our previous experiences. What our brain perceives as a previous situation it will project into the future – whether accurate or not.

When our nerve system is distorted in its patterning our current reality is distorted.


What changes that lens?

Movement. It is movement of our spine that sends signals to our brain to come alive. Literally waking up the prefrontal cortex. Sending blood and power to the brain. Lighting up the neuronal pathways.

Without movement of our spine our brain is dulled down. Quiet. It only has previous patterns to go by. It is like playing the PVR and watching old tapes.

The alternative. Motion. These are called proprioceptors. They are motion sensors when stimulated they light up the brain. A chiropractic adjustment lights up the brain. Motion allows our world to be in 3D. All the aspects of our life come alive .We no longer are watching the PVR, but are in 4K high definition.

Light up your brain and watch your world become 3D.

Perceive stress for what it actually is, and respond accordingly.


Dr. Laura and team

Here is a great podcast to listen to on patterning and the brain.