Chiropractic Heals: Unlock Your Potential


Our health and healing potential is waiting inside to be unlocked!

My name is Dr. Laura Gravelle and I am thrilled to contribute to this platform.  Everything happens for a reason and Ashley and I have met by chance by having a cottage in the same town. I have had a cottage in Oliphant for 100 plus years and 5 generations. It is funny that Ashley and her family recently purchased a cottage in the same small town. I am talking small. There is 6 degrees of separation and, I know in London, it is a smaller degree of separation.

We rapidly realized we have a lot in common- we both have four small children, wellness mindset and live permanently in London.

Being a Chiropractor for 14 years I am always interested in meeting new and amazing people who share the same philosophy, mindset and life goals.  Spreading the word on health is a passion of mine. Ensuring our community has all the accurate information they need to make informed decisions and know what products or services may fill the needs they have.

hornI take ownership of my community. That means I feel it is my duty tell the truth about health, share positive information and lay a solid foundation and strategies for moving forward along the health journey. If I don’t tell them, who will?….Let me rephrase that. …If Ashley and I won’t tell them, who will? That is how I see it.

I really enjoy collaborating with other like-minded professionals. I feel we have much to offer our community.  Together we are stronger and stand in support of one another.

I feel, looking out at our community, we are sick and getting sicker. I want to see a change in that. We need to see a change in that. 2-kidsI see people on too many medications, too many chronic diseases, diseases of lifestyle, kids on medication and sick children. Having 4 young children myself (between the ages of 8 and 3) I take a keen interest in children being well. They are our future. I see kids in the community constantly sick from school, on multiple asthma inhalers, eczema is pronounced, allergies galore, malnourished, over fed and over weight, adding to that inactivity and device use. This is a recipe for disaster.

In our office we see health as an inside job. That is, it begins and ends with the nerve system. That is the system that runs, regulates, heals, grows and repairs every organ, system, and cell in your body. Health and cellular recreation is dependent on the clarity of this system that runs from your brain down your back.  Think of it like energy, light and power running though the extension cords of life.

3-every-cellThe greater the flow- the greater the power.  Your inborn intelligence- the intelligence that grows hair, makes a baby, digests food and heals your body- flows over this nerve system. We need to ensure this system is clear. Stress affects it’s ability to function. The three T’s of stress in our world are Trauma, Thoughts and Toxins. This means that stressors of any kind imprint our nerve system, create bad habits, interfere with neural pathway and we call this disconnection Subluxation. This is interference in the body’s ability to heal and restore itself. A Chiropractor’s only job is to locate, detect and correct subluxation. Clearing out the nerve system, reestablishing the connection and allowing the body to adapt at a higher level.

Chiropractic is distinct from other medical practices

  • In the presence of subluxation, you are always less than 100% connected.
  • When you are less than 100% connected, you can never reach your full potential in any area.
  • There is no alternative to chiropractic. It is the only profession that deals with the detection and correction of nerve interference.
  • Chiropractic can never be about the treatment of disease, but it is always about taking care of dis-ease. The innate intelligence of the body is always greater than the finite intelligence of our conscious minds.

We know our bodies have the ability to heal and be well. It is the natural desire and pathway in the body. Disease is foreign. Being under chiropractic care strengthens your body’s natural ability to be well and healthy at any age.

i-canThe top four benefits we see in our office are:

  1. Handle stress better
  2. Improved immune system
  3. Digestive system calms down
  4. Positive mental attitude

We believe everyone with a spine can benefit from a chiropractic check up. We help generations of families create wellness.

Our goal is simple: To awaken health potential inside individuals, so that they can have an amazing life.

I feel this is very well aligned with Young Living and I am excited to see where this will go. Ashley and I are planning an initial workshop designed to provide a community based support network to assist with recommended strategies so YOU can begin to live YOUR wellness journey! Together we are stronger!



Saturday October 22nd   2016

Gravelle Family Chiropractic

350 Oxford Street West, Suite 202

12:00 p.m.- 1:30 p.m.


Register here:



4-keyIf there were three keys YOU have a burning desire to know about, that would help you on your wellness journey… what would they be?

Please email [email protected] with “Three Questions” in the subject line!

We want to add tremendous value to this event to those who attend by answering questions that are important to those who attend!

In health and happiness,

Dr. Laura Gravelle


P.S.- We are leaders in corporate community wellness and speak within our community on positive health strategies to companies small, medium and large. If you are in the corporate world looking for lunch and learn speakers for your group, contact us with “Speaking Engagement Request” in the subject line.



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