What do you have to share?

Everyone has gifts, talents and abilities to share with the world…what are yours?

It is so important not to compare ourselves to others, in a way that ends up making us “feel bad”. That is NOT the goal of comparison. Know, even within the same profession, healthy competition is good. However no ONE business, your BUSINESS, cannot and does not have to look like any one else’s. You will always come through in your business, so you don’t want two businesses to look and feel the same.

This is hard for many to accept and come to understand.

In my business as a chiropractor, there are many others in London. A great deal actually. It inspires me to look at my colleagues and want to succeed in the same way, not THE SAME WAY, in my own way. Inspiration …that is what i get from looking at others.

From this awareness, I began my consulting and training company ” Adjust Your Practice”. To INSPIRE , female wellness practitioners to do and be their best and create, understand and execute the Pillars of Practice Success.

So what are you waiting for…maybe 2014 is YOUR year.

I received a wonderful testimonial from Gayla Walther, a past client, whom we have assisted in coming into her own authenticity and creating the business and practice of her dreams…

“Receiving business coaching with Laura has really helped me to explore what I really want for my business, as well as my work-life balance. She has helped me to shift my mind-set from one based in fear and hesitation to one grounded in trust, empowerment and initiative.  I am moving towards creating my ideal situation, working with my ideal clients and charging what I’m worth – and it’s all falling into place pretty effortlessly.  The information she has shared with me is pure gold!  I’m so very grateful and am excited to run with this new momentum.”  

~ Gayla Walther, Registered Holistic Nutritionist  http://gaylawalther.weebly.com

Perhaps ” Build Your Practice” – 6 month program could be just want YOU are looking for to receive absolute clarity in the vision for your practice, breakthrough ideas and concrete next steps.

Watch the video below to INSPIRE you


Register before December 31st 2013 and receive one month of unlimited email access the month after the course finishes (value $295.00).

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Together we can uncover and discover your strength, talents, abilities and gifts !

Dr. L

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