What Harmonics of Healing means to me

What Harmonics of Healing Means To Me
It is on the heels of another successful “ Harmonics of Healing” women’s retreat that I write about the meaning of this event.
The concept for this event was birthed 4 years (2012) ago in my basement as I had the idea of “ 8”. I know “8” women healers. It was at that time I had the inspiration.  At the time I had a nursing infant and a toddler running around. I sent a brief email out to these “ 8”,  not really knowing what I was asking, only having a thought and idea. Later that day I had a “ yes” from all 8. They all agreed to come, play and create that first year. We have grown to 19 facilitators and 60-70 women who invest in themselves for the 2-day event. The retreat is scheduled that way (Friday night and Saturday) to create energy, comradelier, and an opportunity to really get to know your fellow attendees. Immersion into the weekend is what it is all about. One day may not capture the energy of sharing and the ability of women to really “ let their hair down” and connect. The feeling of Friday and Saturday are unique in their own aspects.
Friday night has always had some musical component. Over the years we have had a sound scape musical interlude, Las chicas drumming ensemble, a women’s choral choir and this year it was an interactive one-hour long drumming circle.
The Saturday has always been structured with group activities, live demonstrations, breakout sessions and movement.
Each year the event is different and unique. It is different from the perspective of organization and from the aspect of engagement of participants. Participants who attend year after year always say it is fresh, exciting and unique. It helps those at different places in their lives with aspects each year.
It is fabulous to see the melding and cooporation of all the facilitoars. There has never been even a thought of competition. The mindset is, and always will be,  that of cooperation not competition. Many facilitators may over lap in their gifts, talent, and ability’s, but different attendees will connect with different facilitators. There never is selling. Though business is done in the room and for the year after.  There is never any vendors or direct solicitation. Relationships are made, grown and cultivated. It is initial meetings, sharing energy, sharing ideas, working together.
All of the facilitators are in the holistic community and share common values, ideologies and gratitude.  We avoid different facilitators presenting on the same topic. We do this to avoid cross over and confusion.
Each year we keep it new, light and refreshing. While repeating aspects that went over well the previous years. We even received so media coverage leading up to our event from The Londoner in January 2015!
As a cohost of this impactful event this is what it means to me. On the Friday night as ladies arrive they may not know what to expect. They may be reserved. They may be timid and shy about what the weekend will unfold. This may be the ONLY time they can escape from the treadmill of life.   
As the weekend unfolds we see the participants let go, loosen up, breathe and immerse themselves in all the opportunities around them. We find bringing music and movement into the weekend helps       “shake it off”.
We watch and see conversations among strangers, with presenters and with each other. There is laughter and ease in the room. Where one participant may be sitting alone, another attendee will, no doubt, go over and join them.  We ensure there is interactive components so the attendees do not just “ sit and learn” all weekend. Movement and engagement help with memory and retention, statistics tell us.
There is literally a hum in the room. A hum of excitement, maybe even tears and ah-ha moments. The energy is palpable.  No body is afraid, reserved everyone feels safe to share and “ let go”.
That should be our theme frozen “ Let it Go”…come to think of it.
The structure of the event lends itself to many little breaks and times for reflection. There is a flow of the day but it does not feel rushed. There is always time from one session to another. Time is a theme- time for yourself and to laugh!
We even offered a meditation room as an escape, if ladies desired alone time.
At the end of the event we have a section called “parade of stars”. This is modeled after another event I attend called Dynamic Essentials Chiropractic Conference.  This is where in the group setting we ask for “ ah-ha “ moments. To share with everyone. It is beneficial for everyone to end the weekend off with knowing others have benefited too.
At the close of the weekend we look back (my cohost and I) and think about the work, energy and planning that went in over the previous many months. We always realize it was worth it. Ladies leave changed, transformed and with new skills and tools to tackle “ life”.
There is a sense of EASE that the ladies take home to their families, colleagues, friends and work places. Hopefully they will share a tool or two with other ladies. That’s our hope that this event has a ripple effect in our community and beyond.
The weekend also gives back to our community, which is great.  This year the organization was         “ Women’s Community House”. We raise funds from the door prize component. This year we contributed $650.00 to the organization. We also asked all the ladies in attendance, to consider brining 2-3 pieces to the event to donate, from their closet that were gently used, for their second hand store associated with “ Women’s Community House”.   Bringing awareness, hope and help to those in need is very rewarding. 


I think three words sum up this weekend: Rest, Reflect and Revive.
That is our hope to find harmony in bodies and do what feels right.
Unit next year…






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