Why I Was Called To Be A Chiropractor

Many people say you are “called” to be a Chiropractor.  I believe this resonates deeper, the longer you are in practice.  The more lives we encounter, and are able to lay our hands on, the more we see the true meaning of why we ARE a Chiropractor. Some people became a Chiropractor, as it was always part of their life and a natural progression. Some, because it was in their lineage and a parent or grandparent were Chiropractors.
I was just training with my group of A+ Chiropractors dedicated to advancing the level of service and dedication within our profession.  The resounding theme of the training was “ we get to do this”.
That means it is an honour to be able to share the story of Chiropractic to our patients. Be, perhaps the only one, to share with patients how the body heals and where true health comes from.
Some people get into the profession because Chiropractic helped them in a sporting injury and recovery was faster.
I believed I was called to the profession because of my dedication to helping people live life to the fullest. Experiencing life in all its elements. Encouraging patients to lead a life connected to who they really are, by being connected to the source of all healing within.
If you look around you, you see many people just going through life and leading a life of default, rather than on purpose. On purpose means you have a vision, mission and vales for your life.  Every  action is then aligned with these elements. If we let life lead us by “ default” we just coast through life- following the tides and waves. Taking what comes to us. When we take control of our health, and actions, we are in the drivers seat and make choices that lead us where WE want to go, not by where we MIGHT end up. When you are connected you make wiser choices, that will lead to a more authentic expression of the “who“ you really are.
As Chiropractors we adjust, but I believe patients seek out Chiropractic care for more than that reason. I believe patients walk into our offices by the 1000’s everyday for more than just the “ adjustment”.
I believe they are attracted to our chiropractic offices for inspiration, influence and impact.. We “ get to do this”. We may be the only positive person in a patients life. We give them real hope when others give them false hope. We give them help with others feed them pills.
We may be the only one, or the first one, to get them inspired about their health.
That is why I believe I was called to become a Chiropractor.
Who is your Chiropractor?
Find one who is grounded in philosophy, talented in their art and completely understands the science behind Chiropractic.
Your life can change. Is now the time?



Here is a testimonial from a patient in our office. She has been with us for 9 years. Here is what she has to say.
Over the past 9 years, I have been blessed to receive chiropractic care by Dr Laura. I’ve been asked why I continue to go for adjustments so regularly and not just when there is an issue. Well it is quite simple, when I get adjusted every two weeks I can maintain a healthier system and recover from injuries, colds or what not within a couple days, rather than 10+ days. I have witnessed patients struggle walking into their appointments then sigh as they leave, or had the pleasure of recommending Dr Laura to a friend who struggled conceiving, then within a few short months of chiropractic care she announced she was pregnant.
Even after 9 years, my body continues to thrive on a 2 week cycle. Foolishly, I stretched my adjustment to 3 weeks over this past month and what a mistake. I have been achy, suffering from headaches and not sleeping well to say the least. My adjustment is scheduled this afternoon and I can hardly wait to see Dr Laura and her staff, and start feeling my ole self again.
Consider Dr Laura’s chiropractic care for yourself, family and friends!
Consider what a life more connected would look like for you.






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